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Rt3 crank pin size

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Replied by SKYDANCER46 on topic Rt3 crank pin size


It's a secret. just Kidding!  After i purchased the 214 rods and then disassemble of the water damaged crank and bearings i noticed how pitted the crank halfs were too. Not a big deal but i didn't like the looks of it. So long story short i was able to find a very nice complete crank assembly out of a 68 that was within 200 of my vin number. The parts were advertised as a 69 but once i checked the vin number it was a 68 and very close to mine in production. How lucky is that? After thoroughly  checking everything out it was decided to be used in the rebuild. Crank was like new compared to the original.  See pictures.

By the way both rod kits have been sold. A Yamaha collector on facebook bought them both. 


 Also just recently  made another decision and decided to go 1st over with a NOS yamaha piston & ring set. The bore measured at what some people call "racer specs". Ran well too but had a hint of piston slap in the upper RPM range. I didn't like it. Was able to go 1st over because the bore was in such good condition. As good as it ran with the stock bore it runs better now and has no piston slap at all. Perfect.



1983 XT200, 1983 XT250
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Replied by RT325 on topic Rt3 crank pin size

Thanks for the update & the good news. We love good news. Cheers.
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