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The Vintage Yamaha Enduro Community

cup of coffee.svg.smallWelcome! You have stumbled upon a really great bunch of folks!

Many of us used to own and ride these bikes as kids. Some of our members have purchased these bikes as their very first foray into bike ownership as a project. Some own other types and brands, some don't. Some of us are restorers. Some of us actually ride these bikes regularly. Some take them on long treks of questionable sanity.

Some of us just like the old girls, and once we got started, never looked back.

We are the Enduroholics.

This site is designed to provide a repository of Yamaha Enduro knowledge, to help folks preserve these wonderful old bikes that started the real "Off Road" craze back in the 1970's. Check out the Workshop section for Specs, How-To's and other bench racing information.

We also know that a significant part of the draw, so to speak, is to connect with others of the same passion. We have included a discussion forum to provide just such a gathering point.

We have a lot of pictures posted and to post, and are always looking forward to any shots you may have.

There is also a chat feature (look to the bottom right of your screen) if you have a Facebook account. You can chat with other users currently on the site, and even with folks who are currently online at Facebook - why not invite some of them over for a cuppa Joe! We are looking at adding a chat feature or chatbox for non-Facebook members, but the interest has not been too significant.

This is our little spot on the web, and we hope you decide to make it a regular destination. Consider registering (FREE) which will get you access to some of the "premium" site features, and open the door to the interaction. You will also be subscribed to our very infrequent newsletter, keeping you up to date on site development, event announcements and other things of interest to the group. Don't worry, if you don't like newsletters, you can unsubscribe at any time.

We won't sell or give your information to anyone else, including our advertisers, without being legally compelled.

Thanks for looking around, and we hope to see you here as one of the regulars - though our members could hardly be called "regular".


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