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dt250 lights

09 Nov 2019 23:40
Site Supporter
Site Supporter
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dt250 lights #11

OldOunceAU wrote: I rebuilt the whole damn bike and it runs great. However the lights... frustrates as hell with them. Already blown two headlights and indicators, new rectifier, new flasher, new battery, all new brake lights and blinkers and it still just won’t work. Uaggggggh

It will need a working voltage regulator. On pre 1975/6 bikes these will have to be retro fitted and I have attached Yamaha's Service Bulletin on this below. On bikes after this period they were fitted as standard. I believe that they were generally quite reliable, but you never know.

If you need one and can't find one on ebay etc, then forum moderator DEET sells them (I think!!).

Good luck and don't give up!

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10 Nov 2019 09:34
Mini Enduro
Mini Enduro
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dt250 lights #12
Thank you, I’ll keep plugging away. I wish Somebody would make a wireless rechargeable light kit. You could a solid all of this.

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