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Pictures Posting Not Working (12 Jun 2023)

Picture uploads is again unavailable. We are working on the problem. Thanks for your patience.


Picture upload issues

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Replied by Ht1kid on topic Picture upload issues

Mako glad you are feeling better 

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 keep up the good work and Thanks MarkT for your service to the forum awesome job!!
11 Jan 2023 15:50 #41

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Replied by johnste1960 on topic Picture upload issues

As a user, in todays tech, cameras get better and better taking higher resolution photos which result in bigger files. Here are some things you can do.

1)crop your images to show what you specifically want to show. Many times 50% of the pic can be cropped out resulting in a file size of 1/2 the size of the original.

2) experiment with different file formats as some of the allowed formats result in smaller size images

3) use a photo package to adjust the size if the image to a smaller resolution as this will be a smaller file size. You do not need High Definition to put a 2x3 or a 4x6 image on the screen. I always go into my JPEG files and adjust the quality down to 60-80%. THis makes an acceptable image while cutting the file size by 30-50%

4) Limit the number of colors to 256 or if you can go grayscale. 256 colors is good enough for pics you use on a web page, You do not need 4 million colors, the human eye can not tell the diff that much especially on a small picture.
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25 Jan 2023 12:35 #42

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Replied by YamahaForumUsername on topic Picture upload issues

Just use IMGUR, and embed the pictures, i made a little tutorial anyone can follow its somewhere on this forum. Embedding a picture uses almost no bandwidthe for the site, and still looks good.
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25 Jan 2023 14:39 #43

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