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1980s ag175

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1980s ag175 was created by Izaac

hello all from down under...
i have an unknow age ag175. (i do know its the later type model)
could someone help with the year from the number on the stem?
also any thought on removing the centre from the silencer? it seems to run a bit better without the centre. and thoughts on putting a large diamater silencer on as the factory one has an inner diamater much smaller than the stinger pipe diamater
also anyone know where i can get parts for one in australia. i think it starting to get a little piston slap
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Replied by MarkT on topic 1980s ag175


Not much info available on the models outside the USA. Possibly Haynes manual has something? Or maybe a member from that part of the world can help.

If you provide us the first half of the engine and/or frame number it might contain a model code that can help identify the approximate year model...
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21 Dec 2022 21:23 #2

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Replied by RT325 on topic 1980s ag175

The later model you're talking about which i think changed in 1980 has a cylinder like a DT175 monoshock trail bike but with restricted porting for farm use. Often comparing cylinder base gasket shapes & part numbers on google will give you a good idea if say a DT go faster cylinder will fit on. I'm guessing a little but do some research. With the muffler baffle--i had an AG 100 the same model with the same muffler & i used to get carbon lumps stuck in the baffle, so pull it out & have a good look at it. I left it out for ages untill no more loose carbon came out. Good idea to give the exhaust a burn out, then you know its clean. Farm bikes carbon up a lot as most of their running is slow & not ideal to keep the system clean. They're a good motor but as i said, with restricted porting. Going back a model i fitted an early ag175 cylinder to my AT1--125 & was nice with lots of low down pulling power but was never going to be fast like if i fitted a CT3 cylinder from 1973 trail model which externaly looks the same cylinder. Anyway i'm in NZ with same models as Australia. I think there's some others from OZ or maybe NZ on this site that have tweaked up AG bikes to go real good.
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