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Air Coolled Two Stroke Paranoia.

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Air Coolled Two Stroke Paranoia. was created by Tinkicker

Inspired by the how is this running thread but without hijacking it.  Easy to offer advice to others but when it comes to your own bike....

Started the DT and got it fully warmed up at the weekend, first time since around September.  I have fallen victim to the two stroke rattle paranoia.
The cause of my paranoid episode is that last summer, after about 150 gentle miles since rebore and 10 or 12 heat and coolling cycles, it was time for a full throttle run to check the carburation at wide open throttle.
About half way in my full throttle test, an artfully bodged exhaust repair by the previous owner became apparent as a large piece of carefully sculpted exhaust repair putty blew out of the downpipe, the carburation immediately went very lean and it lost a lot of power.
I found a replacement pipe and happily rode it maybe another 50 miles.  It starts second kick when cold and first kick when warm, idles at 1500rpm all day long and yet...

Started it in the back yard, warmed it through enough to let it idle and went back in the house for a minute.  Came out and from where I was stood looking, it sounded horrendous.  Plenty of oil getting to it because I am one of the old school who, despite autolube and fully synthetic Belray oil,  still adds a small splash of oil to the tank every fillup.  Even just to prevent fuel system corrosion.

And of course, having the bike sat drained and idle all winter, the paranoia kicks in...  Did it sound as rattly as that before the top speed run?  Have I blown the piston?  I checked the big end for radial play carefully, but was it corroded after being stood for 40 years and has given up the ghost?

Nothing for it.  Gonna have to pull the barrel, check the piston and bore, crank for play and while I am at it, replace the stator side crank seal with an IT175 item and redo the timing for peace of mind.

Does anyone else fall victim to the two stroke rattle after a long winter layup?  I was happy with it, although felt the performance was not quite as I remembered it from my youth when I laid it up for winter.

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Replied by Sneezles61 on topic Air Coolled Two Stroke Paranoia.

This will be my 4th year with my RT2.
I actually dread the first few kicks of the old grey mule.. I think the thoughts of the kick-back grow larger in my head, than in reality… It should be in the garage right now for pre-ride looking over/tinkering… but with about 4’ of snow, it’ll need to wait.
The initial spark, and it coming to life is a long awaited relief. I ponder about enough oil in the bearings/journals.. The rattling.. looking down at both sides for any signs of destruction… then, the smell of two-stroke exhaust… grab first gear and ease down the road on the first adventure, gently, only to ease my mind that alls well and it’s eager to rip!
As a young lad, 50 years ago, there was motorcycles and snowmobiles.. year round two-stroke music and the thoughts of things breaking wasn’t even a thought… perhaps it’s just the aging and the idea of me doing repairs that has me cautious now a days.
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