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DT1B piston blow by.

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Replied by craddojc on topic DT1B piston blow by.

Condenser replacement - The DT-1's  condenser is no longer available at Yamaha, but there are lots of DT-1 aftermarket condensers on ebay (see ? ).  You just have to be sure these aren't NOS (New Old Stock).  If you can find NEW (less than 10 years old) stock, then you are all set.

If that fails, any points ignition condenser stocked at your auto parts store will work IF you can make it fit the DT-1.  Trouble is, the condenser mounting used on the DT-1 is really odd - the the condenser drops into a mounting hole recessed in the points plate. I've never found one at an auto parts store that looks like the DT-1 part.

I've used the Duralast RB547 condenser (intended for Renault cars) on my old Suzukis, which have the same NOS problem as the DT-1.  The Suzukis use a more typical sideways mount - but the RB547's mount is removable.  If you slip the mount off, you are left with just a 17mm OD condenser can that might fit into the DT-1's mounting hole.  The RB547 is hard to find but Autozone stocks the Duralast U1515, which I think has the same slipon mount.  But you have to mount in the points plate so it has a good electrical connection to the points plate, and doesn't touch the flywheel. 

Good luck,
02 Aug 2021 20:50 #21

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