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About Us

Wecome to Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans!

The Best Site on the Internet for Vintage Yamaha Enduros!


dt1Yamaha created the DT1 Enduro in 1968 and fundamentally changed motorcycling.

With the help of their US design team, a lightweight, agile and really new design was created and a whole industry followed.

If you grew up in the 70’s, every vacant lot was a race track, helmets were optional and the best bikes mixed oil in the fuel. Ethanol was something you brewed in your bathtub!

The DT1 was a 250cc desert capable bike designed in California and built in the factory at Iwata, Japan.
This site is home to those who have or want the classic bikes. We have stories of rides, restorations, customizations, and even those great stories from back in the day. We have some of the premium parts vendors lined up to have a presence, some great and talented writers, and tons of hard-to-find information about all of the various models.

We have in residence in our forum and blogs some of the pre-eminent experts on tuning, restoring and riding these bikes. Some were Yamaha shop mechanics back in the day. Some are amazing restoration experts. Some actually still ride the vintage bikes on lengthy trips - not back then but now! Join up and you may get invited along! Of course, we have just as many newby types so don't feel intimidated asking basic questions. 

 We also have video sections in our forum and don't forget to visit our Youtube Channel! In the upper right you can see links to our Pinterest, LInkedIN, Twitter, GooglePlus and of course, our Facebook Pages!

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The site has the forum where you can get answers to your technical questions and discuss your own projects, blogsmanuals, and much, much more.

The site is still in development so get in on the ground floor! There is currently no membership fee, though donations to support the site are appreciated. We are considering a subscription model for certain upcoming advanced features, but for now the site is free.

What are you waiting for?

You will learn more about these bikes on this site than anywhere on the planet outside of the company archives in Japan. Welcome to the site and consider contributing your tales, photos and suggestions to make the community more robust!



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