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Added 2016-12-24 11:20:38
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 YAMAHA YA6 GYT Engine parts
 Hi Folks I'm looking for Yamaha YA6 GYT (Genuine Yamaha Tuning)  engine parts. They were a performance kit. This model was sold in the US, 1964 to 67. It is a 125cc rotary valve, single cylinder engine,Pressed steel T-Bone frame.

  The easiest way to identify the GYT parts, stock cylinder is cast iron. GYT is Cast Aluminum, Chrome lined.

  The GYT head looks the same, though on the bottom side, on the fin area, there is" Z-A" cast in it, and it takes a 3/4 reach spark plug, and has a smaller combustion chamber, than stock.

 Right side case on engine; Stock has oil injection pump, GYT Omits oil injection pump, As well a larger area for a bigger carb, & Different carb side case, & the rubber Top cover, that seals the side case & carb cover is screwed down.

 The rotary valve cover, has a larger spigot for a larger carb, and omits  oil injection line.

 The carburetor may have 137 M1 stamp in it, in front of the chock plunger, or in the pinch clamp area.

 Left side case is cut out, for easy sprocket changing.

 I'm really hard up for these parts. If you have an old bike like this, or  an engine on the shelf, Please examine them. I will buy these parts in any condition, As well I would buy the whole engine, or the motorcycle.

 If you have NOS YAMAHA 137- numbers, GYT Numbers have 70, in ninth & tenth numbers. I can send part numbers. I can identify any of the GYT parts buy picture.

Please let me know if you have anything, or know someone else to contact, I would aprechate a lead.. Thank you.......take care


 Dave Harris (cell) 805-757-4823  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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