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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Musings

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Great Alternative Battery for Vintage Enduros

For many of the early enduros, the 6 volt motors make finding some battery sizes a challenge. Plus you find that the old acid-filled batteries of old have poor lifespans, and leak when tipped over. OK - I suppose I am the ONLY one who ever tips his old enduro over! In particular, the 1975-76 DT 250/360/400 bikes call for a Yuasa 6N4B-2A-3 whic...
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Great vintage Japanese Yamaha Dealer News page.

Maybe someone can translate?
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Godzilla Getting Dirty

Gresh wishing he had some knobbies about now . . .
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Great Shot from the Japanese Dealer News!

1969 AT1 JDM version.
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IMG 3826
I'm sure most of us have had similar experiences while piloting our vintage enduro's... My ten mile commute starts off with a short section of two lane highway as I make my way from the west end of the tiny town I live in to its eastern limit. The two lanes of the Trans Canada Hwy are choked down to 60 kilometers per hour through town and early in the morning most of the traffic is made up of semi's and people taking the fast route to work. Just before the speed limit returns to the blistering pace of 90 kph,...
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