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Picture Attachments Fixed? (18 Feb 2023)

Hopefully, the pictures uploads are fixed for the time being. Let me know if you continue to have issues. I am looking into a more permanent solution. Thanks for your patience. - Makotosun

OE cables wanted

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Replied by msavitt on topic OE cables wanted

Personal opinion alert....I have found aftermarket cables to range from good to completely wrong.
My approach is to try to restore OE cables that are restorable (not stretched, badly cracked, broken wires), because I think that they fit and work better IMO.  I have been able to take dirty, corroded seemingly junk cables and to make them work like new by working them with evaporust, pb blaster, wd40, etc.  And on a couple of nearly impossible to find upper throttle cables (R5/DS7) was able to fix cracks in outer sheath by pulling clear shrink tubing over the injury.  I actually finally found an OE upper throttle cable for my R5 that appeared crack free and rusted on ebay that is hopefully arriving today.  I bought this same aftermarket part twice...once from a place in USA, again from a place in UK, and both were not the correct length (too short) in comparison to the OE
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