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Mikuni Carburetor Question

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Mikuni Carburetor Question was created by Shep

If this is in the wrong subject area or I should be directed to a Suzuki site, please advise.
I am working on a 1975-76 Suzuki TS 185.  I am trying to understand the carburetor model number which is listed as VM 24 SH. Does anyone know what the SH stands for at the end?
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Replied by MarkT on topic Mikuni Carburetor Question

Offhand, no.  But it's not likely to be meaningful as it's just a generic designation.   There are at least hundreds of variations of that model.
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Replied by Rick C. on topic Mikuni Carburetor Question

looking at the diagram (s) on Partzilla, It looks like there is 2 diffrent carbs, flange mount and spigot mount.
The TS 185A


the TS185K


Dollars to donuts , The carb you have is a flange mount.
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14 Jun 2021 11:32 #3

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Replied by darinm on topic Mikuni Carburetor Question

VM 24 SH is the same for my '72 TS 185 but partzilla shows it being specific for 71-72. Looking at images and knowing how much Suzuki changed the bikes over those years, results indicate it's the same carb so fire away with any specific questions or if you want to compare notes or pictures specifics don't be shy.

I'll say that physically it's quite different from the VM 24 on my '72 Yamaha, though with proper jetting they could swap easily - just differences like a pull choke vs lever choke and two separate floats bulbs unattached to the arm in the VM 24 SH as opposed to two float bulbs which are attached to the arm in the Yamaha version.

Like Rick said I'd guess you have the TS185K carburetor, in the five TS185 bikes which have passed through my hands, all had this version, not the more complex TS185A version. One of those was a '75 and it ran fine if a little rough on the top end. One day I rebuilt the carb and there was no main jet installed, hard to believe it still ran without it.
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