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Wiring harness routing

29 Sep 2020 09:42 29 Sep 2020 09:51 by Centerpath. Reason: Delete 2 attachments
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Wiring harness routing #1
Need pics of wiring harness routing under seat and tank.

I found a 1970 DT-1 250 in very good condition. Runs great, no rust, oil injection pump works. Only problem is that somewhere along the line someone decided to remove all the electrical wiring and associated switches. Want to restore the bike. I’ve acquired all necessary switches, wiring harness, etc. and am in need of some detailed pictures that show wire routing under seat and fuel tank. Does anyone have some pics you can share with me please.

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16 Oct 2020 11:18
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Wiring harness routing #2

This topic has a few pics of wire harness routing. Your bike looks great!

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