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coil replacement

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coil replacement was created by peterd

Good Morning,   Have a 1971 RT1B and the coil wire is to short,  Its rubbing on the bottom of the tank and its only a matter of time before it rubs thru.  Can I replace the wire only or does the entire coil need to be replaced?  I have great spark and I also see the coil is not available.  I tried to simply unscrew the wire from the coil and it will not budge.  Any suggested replacements for the coil?

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04 Jul 2021 03:09 #1

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Replied by MarkT on topic coil replacement

I think DEET has managed to replace those wires...  on the ones that don't just unscrew it sounds like it's a project.  I want to say DEET posted about the process here someplace.

NGK makes a spark plug wire "splice".  I keep one in my spares for an emergency. I've had it close to 10 years and haven't needed it yet.  amazon.com/NGK-J-1-Racing-Cable-Splicer/dp/B0018JXIXI/

You may need a length of good copper core wire as well.
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Replied by RT325 on topic coil replacement

I have a long time ago cut the surface off where the wire comes out of & soldered a new wire in then Araldite two tube mix glued it over the top. Worked for me. It was a grey colored coil.
04 Jul 2021 16:13 #3

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Replied by shyted on topic coil replacement

Not a solution if you want standard original fitment but i fitted a new coil but had to make a new bracket to mount it as it was a more up to date design. New screw in lead and cap .
04 Jul 2021 23:46 #4

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