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Fluid recommendations for MG1T?

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Fluid recommendations for MG1T? was created by wyx_

Pretty straightforward question, just curious on what fluids I need to finish this resto. Don't have an owners manual anywhere and the service manual I have says nothing regarding modern fluids. Engine is identical across the entire G1 line: YG1/YG1K/YGS1/MG1T

Would like some assistance! I'm completely new to this world of bikes and hardly know anything when it comes to two stroke setups. 
09 Dec 2022 12:58 #1

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Replied by AirborneSilva on topic Fluid recommendations for MG1T?

Yamalube is what I use in my bikes.
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09 Dec 2022 13:02 #2

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Replied by MarkT on topic Fluid recommendations for MG1T?

Technically speaking, YG1 and MG1T engines are pretty much "identical" pre-mix engines... the YG1K and YGS1 have "autolube" with the YGS being a bit of a "hot rodded" version.

Anyway for an MG1T pick a good quality pre-mix oil and stick with it.

For the trans, use a wet-clutch rated motorcycle oil (Yamalube 10w40, Valvoline 4T 10w40 motorcycle oil, etc.) or one of the "boutique" two-stroke transmission oils rated for wet clutches made by Torco, Maxima, Bel Rey, etc.

Key is "wet clutch rated". Modern automotive oils are now required to be "energy saving" and may have slippery additives that may make clutch slip.
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09 Dec 2022 13:18 #3

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