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Soldering on Control Cable Ends

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Soldering on Control Cable Ends was created by StukaGruppen13

Hello, I have received a lot of help on these forums, so i have decided to repay the favors by writing up about our successful method of soldering cable ends on. I hope someone can make use of this!

You will need to do this if you are creating your own, or modifying clutch, throttle or perhaps even brake cables. (I would recommend buying brake cables if possible). Solid lead or silver solder are apparently the best to use due to their strength, however I successfully used a Bernzomatic Specialty Silver Solder. The most important thing is that the cable is clean, or else it will not stick properly.
-Propane torch or candle
-A soldering cup or small metal vessel to hold solder, and dip cable into.
-Razor blade
-Lacquer thinner or other strong cleaner
-A new and clean rag or paper towel
- Flux
How To:
First, put the end on your cable and make sure everything is on that needs to be (adjusters, boots, etc.). Next, slightly fray the end of the cable sticking out of your cable end. This help the solder absorb into the cable. Now soak your end in your cleaner for a few minutes to clean it well. Once soaked, pat dry on your rag. You will want to heat up your soldering pot now, and melt an appropriate amount of solder into it. DO NOT heat your cable end, as it will cover it in soot and the solder will not stick. Once your solder is molten, point the flame away from the cable so it will not contact it, liberally apply a cleaning flux to the cable end and dip it in your solder. Hold it in for a few seconds, and let it cool for several more. Once cool, the ends could not be pulled off with a pair of pliers!
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